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How To Reset Your Makeup Routine

By Jalisa Haggins

We’re still in the first part of the year, which means it’s the perfect time to reset your beauty routine! New products are coming out every day, and updating the products in your makeup bag can keep you looking fresh and classy. Keep reading for a few quick tips to declutter, detox, and restock your beauty products.

STEP 1: Get Professional Help

Schedule an appointment with a Styldlife makeup artist. Trust me, figuring out what products to keep and throw out (to achieve the look you want) should be left to the professionals. Stylists can help you sort through the junk and create new makeup looks.

Click HERE to get started!

STEP 2: Out With The Old

Take inventory of everything you have. Gather all of your beauty products - all the mascara you’ve collected over the past year, concealer, highlighter, foundation, everything - and start sorting through it. Toss out everything that’s expired or anything that you haven’t used in a while. During your Styldlife appointment, a stylist can explain everything you need to know. Like which products have a longer shelf-life and which products work for your skin type, complexion, needs and more.

STEP 3: Find Inspiration

Get creative! Check out some different makeup looks on the Styldlife website! Open Pinterest, Instagram, any platform to see what looks you want to create. Whether you want a big bold red lip, a no-makeup look, or you want to learn how to make a classic look work for you, a Styldlife stylist can guide you through the steps to get your best look!

STEP 4: Choose Your New Products

Let a professional Styldlife makeup artist help you find the beauty products that work best with your skin. Let them know if your foundation beads up throughout the day, or if your lipstick falls short of the long-lasting coverage you want. They are here to help you navigate around any concerns you may have with new products. It’s their priority to help you pick products that will keep your skin healthy and your makeup lasting all day.

STEP 5: Try It Out

Try out your new products! Have fun and try a new look to see what works for you. Learning how to master the look you want is as easy as clicking HERE to book a Styldlife stylist! What are you waiting for?!


If you still need some inspiration, check out how Styldlife works!

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