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Fashion items women want in their dream wardrobe

by: Jalisa Haggins

What is the one fashion item you want to be in your dream wardrobe? We posed this question to over 500 women and got an array of answers. They listed everything from tops to bottoms, accessories, and shoes. Through all the many answers there were a few items listen more than once. Here are the most common items American women wish were part of their wardrobe.

1. A Schott leather jacket

2. A Barbour jacket

3.Thigh-high boots (that are the perfect fit on your legs)

4.Jeans (that fit your butt and thighs)

5. Skinny jeans (with a little stretch that'll fit me from waist/hip to ankle)

6.Timeless long winter coat to my wardrobe

7. White booties

Building up your dream wardrobe takes time and can be a task. that's why our Styldlife stylists are here for you! Book an appointment with a fashion stylist right now to get building!

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