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6 Tips To Cut Your Hair At Home

Right now, a lot of us need a little bit of help to keep our appearance in check. At some point, everyone is going to be in need of a haircut, but being stuck in quarantine makes a simple haircut a little tricky. That’s why we’re turning to one of the pros. Erikajoy Garner, a Styldlife hair stylist, is giving you and your family all the tips you need to successfully cut your hair at home!

  1. Be prepared to spend the first 10 to 15 minutes potentially learning how to hold equipment depending on what you are attempting to accomplish. 

It is important to remember that you are attempting to virtually learn a skill set that an industry professional physically went to school to learn, and took him or her a year or even years to perfect.

2. You may be asked to do things that are outside of your comfort zone.

Had we said as professionals that we would do it our way, and had chosen not to take the direction given to us while we were in school or training courses, we wouldn’t be as effective at our tasks, nor would we be able to demonstrate to you how to do a task.

3. Always listen and watch before doing.

Although every person has a different learning style; and we appreciate all learning styles, when it comes to doing hair and makeup, it is always better to receive the instruction and see what is being done before just jumping in, and doing.

4. You will mess up and it will not be perfect!

It is okay to mess up because it is your first time. We can guide you all day long, but your hands are not used to this, so something will be off; even as professionals sometimes things are off in haircuts or makeup that requires light touch-ups here or there, and that is okay. Don’t beat yourself up if it isn’t perfect.

5. Be patient, calm, willing, and open to learning and trying.

We want to encourage you to not become frustrated or defeated. While we are limited on time, don’t focus on the time, focus on getting it right, remain calm, and just listen. You can do this, and we believe in you!

6. Hair color, Relaxers, Perms, Keratins, and all other chemical services are off-limits!

Chemical services can be dangerous, and over the counter, chemicals are even more dangerous. We are not Physically there with you to give you a proper hair analysis, strand test or patch test (which should be done 72 hours before a chemical service). We also have no idea what products to use, where to buy them, or how old the chemicals are.

Without this information, the possibilities for disasters are endless, and as licensed professionals, we want no parts in hair disasters that can potentially lead to hair breakage, hair loss, scalp burns, or traction alopecia.

Our job is to educate you safely, honestly, and effectively! Allow us to do so, and leave the chemicals to the salon stylists once quarantine is over!

You can schedule an appointment or consultation with us right now!!

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